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Premiummall.sg was started because we found a lack of affordable options in the bustling city of Singapore for Luxury products. Being Singaporean, we looked forward to getting the biggest bang for the buck, while holding on to the quality that Luxury products can deliver. This espouses the values that Premiummall holds dear.

Today, we have the biggest fan following on all popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram – maintained daily to give our fans the best deals.

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Premiummall.sg brings you the best luxury bag deals in town. When you shop with Premiummall, you get:

    • Authenticity: All of our products are sourced directly from the Brand’s retail store. We guarantee 100% authenticity, or double the refund!
    • Free Delivery*: Why pay more? At Premiummall, we believe in keeping Luxury affordable.
    • Fair dealings: We believe in curating high-in-demand products at the best possible price for our customers
    • Best-in-class service: Ask our customers, they know best. With over 200,000 Fans in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, there is bound to be a friend of yours who is a delighted customer of Premiummall
    • Personal touch: We personally oversee the entire purchase and delivery process


*Free delivery in Singapore only